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Fanimal Radio is Baltimore’s advertiser-supported, on-demand digital audio and video network. We offer multiple solutions, including content creation, brand integration, and distribution. We make it easy for you to discover, connect and engage with all of your favorite Baltimore area podcasters, all in one place.

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The way we view television has changed. We watch On Demand programming. We DVR our favorite shows and then watch at our convenience. We binge watch programming thanks to platforms like Netflix and Amazon. We bypass traditional cable through options provided by YouTube, Roku, and Apple TV, to name a few.

Essentially we can watch whatever we want whenever we want. And radio isn’t far behind. In fact, that’s why you’re here.

Fanimal Radio intends to bring the same modern conveniences to sports talk and entertainment that you now enjoy with television. We’re local guys and gals who drill down on local sports and the teams that matter most to you, delivered right to the palm of your hand, your computer, living room, or wherever you choose.

Fanimal Radio is the future.

And now it’s also the present.

Fanimal Radio. What are you a fan of?

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Digital Media

Have you been in or purchased a new vehicle lately? If so, you know that auto manufacturers are providing creature comforts allowing passengers to easily access podcasts and platforms like iTunes, YouTube and Spotify to name a few. It’s as simple as plugging your phone into the car phone charger.

Similarly, Fanimal Radio seeks to make it just as simple for you to have your podcast heard on our network or start a new one of your own. Think about this…your content might be outstanding but if you don’t have the time or wherewithal to distribute it, your pod falls on deaf ears. Being part of our network, with our reach on the web and social media, you will immediately improve your chances for success.

Remember each one of our podcasts benefit by being part of Fanimal Radio. The whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.


  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Video and audio podcasting capabilities
  • Conveniently located studios
  • Ability to include podcast produced remotely
  • Open to all types of sports and entertainment
  • On location capabilities
  • Live Streaming of shows


  • Via websites that attract over 400,000 monthly visitors
  • Social Media platforms that reach over 150,000 people daily
  • Email notifications
  • Available on most popular platforms such as:
    • Fanimal App and Website
    • iTunes
    • Spotify
    • YouTube
    • Roku
    • AppleTV
    • Soundcloud

I can’t speak highly enough about the content Russell Street Report provides.

Jason La Canfora

NFL Insider, CBS Sports

Russell Street Report’s passion for Baltimore football is contagious. Check it out daily, you’ll learn something about your team every time.

Eric DeCosta

Director of Player Personnel, Baltimore Ravens

I just wanted you to know I enjoy your website! I’m amazed at the detail you provide.

Sage Steele


It’s their almost disturbing obsession with every aspect of the Baltimore Ravens (down to the atomic level) that sets Russell Street Report head and shoulders above the other sites.

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